Jeb & Sheila Reaves

Centennial, CO




Bo & Teresa Couchman

Columbus, GA

Bo and Teresa have a long connection to Smoky Hill. They worshipped with the congregation from 1985 to 1993. Their three children were all born in Aurora while they were members. Bo worked as a technical writer for Martin Marietta during those years. He taught many classes and preached many times when the congregation had no located minister.

In 1994 the Couchmans moved to Birmingham, AL and worked with the Cahaba Heights church (3 yrs) and the North Gardendale church (17 yrs). Bo continued to work as a writer for Teksouth Corporation for 15 yrs (1999-2014), and the couple continued to be heavily involved in the work of the congregation at North Gardendale, regularly teaching classes, preaching when needed, and Bo served as an elder from 2007-2014.

In 2014 Bo decided to retire from secular work and become a full-time minister. The couple moved to Columbus, GA in January 2015 and began working with the River City church there. Smoky Hill was an original supporter of this work and has been supporting Bo in Columbus since 2015.




Gebeyehu Ganita

Boditi, Ethiopia

Gebeyehu Ganita and his wife have three daughters.  They live and work in the southern part of Ethiopia in Boditi.  In addition to preaching in the local congregation in Boditi (south of Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia), Gebeyehu works with other men and congregations.  He travels almost constantly. He goes to Sodo to teach about every other Sunday.  His travel is usually on foot, however when he is able to pay the costs, he takes public buses or a motorcycle. The current number of members at Boditi's local congregation is 6. The Boditi congregation began some 3 years ago and is growing steadily, many others who attend and study the Gospel.  In January, there were 50 or so in attendance. 

At Sodo, about 1 hour south of Boditi, there are 13 members with more who attend and study. Gebeyehu remains strong and dedicated.